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Burlington Childrens’ Space
Developing a bold and persuasive web presence for a community oriented preschool.


  • Compelling Stories – a preschool in it’s 26th year of operation with lot’s of great stories/family testimonials
  • Involved in the community – the kid’s go out into the city every day and the school participates in city wide events
  • Willing Participants – the parents, teachers and staff want a bigger online presence and will help create it.
  • Understand the importance of PR, marketing, and social media.


  • Current website – just a splash page that says the site is under construction
  • Funding – the do not have a budget for web development or social media management
  • Time – the staff is very busy with running a pre school and applying for grants, etc.
  • Consistency – finding one person who can keep their brand/message/online presence up by posting regularly may be a challenge.


  • A new website would be a persuasive tool that could help the school get more funding.
  • Prospective families could get a better understanding of what the school’s mission is and have access to applications.
  • Current families could see what goes on at the school on a day to day basis via the blog and social media.


  • The site can’t be funded and is built by volunteers so it doesn’t function as needed.
  • Staff doesn’t consistently maintain blogs and social media so they don’t attract followers.
  • The site doesn’t persuade additional funding or perspective parents.
  • Families don’t want to participate online or have photos of their children online.


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