Noteworthy Nadworny

It was a great opportunity to meet one of Burlington’s leading business innovators, Rich Nadworny, Owner and Digital Strategist at Digalicious.  A couple of themes are beginning to pop up during the Emergent Landscapes Speaker Series: many of the speakers have made recent shifts in their lives.  They’ve either shifted how they do business, moving from non-profit to for-profit endeavors; or, they’ve shifted how business is done (i.e. not hiring employees instead using free lancers or “Talent Clouds.”) Nadworny seems to have made a career shifting how business is done, not just for himself but perhaps for the rest of us too.

Digalicious business strategy exemplifies how business is being done in a networked society.  They “build marketing strategies for the digital space.”  Rich works with talent from all of the world making web his office.  This way he can pick just the right team for any given project.  This kind of hiring flexibility gives him an advantage over brick and mortar firms that must maintain one workforce.

Rich is an inspiring fellow.  He’s been working with interactive media for over 16 years.  You can tell he’s gone through life as a lynch pin, always leaning forward to see how he can participate and engage with others.  Some of the advice that he gave our class includes:
Ask yourself “What value can I provide?  What difference can I make?
Reinvent something that already exist.
Don’t start too big
Keep asking questions rather than having the right answers.
Ass kissing and being soft is not strategy. (my personal favorite)
And above all…have empathy for others.

He told us that one of the best ways to expand one’s network and learn new things is by attending conferences outside of one’s own field.  He mentioned a conference in which he was inspired by an organization called Design For America.  He was so inspired by all the heard work and innovative design that these college students were employing to combat social justice issues that he managed to inspire us too.  Now our class is working on an application to bring a DFA design studio to Champlain.  He brought added value to our series by bringing us this opportunity and we all look forward to brining yet another avenue for innovative design to our school.  I would say the evening was a complete success!


About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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