Michael Jager: a total inspiration!

We were all inspired by our last presenter in the Emergent Landscape Series: Michael Jager CEO of JDK Design Studio.  He started out approximating how many weekends he had left in his life and urged us all to live ours out with artistic urgency.  His speech was sprinkled with design tips like “don’t just sprinkle hip shit on top of ideas” and “human connection – no matter what you do, it’s what is at the heart of it.”  He generously shared stories that helped make his design firm successful and urged us all to just get in there and do it.

We (Cora & Rachel) were so inspired we decided to take his creativity project, hand jobs (quick sketches dashed out by hand) and utilize it in our captured response.  A stream of conscious brainstorming session led us to the theme of the lesser know stories of Little Red Ridding Hood. Did you know in one version of the tail, the Wolf makes Little Red eat her own grandmother?  These hidden stories provided just the tension that Jager suggested made good starting points.  He had also mentioned William Burroughs Cut Ups a technique by which written pieces are cut up and rearranged to reveal new works.  We combined all of these to create our own mixed medium mash up, making a new visual interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood.

The goal of the project is to “connect in an interesting way” (MJ) through continual collaboration.  We have passed these images back and forth and worked on each other’s pieces many times over.  We started with sketches and collage, scanning them in and working them into digital pieces, we passed each other images, which we transformed, printed out, altered, rescanned and passed back.  As Jager suggested, we did so with a level of urgency, without worrying about what the finished project should look like.  What we are sending out for this project is just the beginning.  We want these images to be reworked and reworked and add new images into the mix to see how far we can take them.  We don’t know what will come of this and that is the point.  We are making art just for the sake of doing so because, curiously enough, we don’t get the opportunity to do enough of that in our MFA program.

Michel Jager disrupted us in the most substantive way. He reminded us to be more punk rock and DIY with our work.  He challenged us to find new interesting ways to connect and to tell interesting stories.  This project is the result of that inspiration.  We look forward to seeing where it goes, but we really don’t care where it ends up.  We think Jager would be dig it.


About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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