everything old is new again

What do Records, Radio, TV and the Web have in common?

  • They all started out as small uncharted territories.
  • Infrastructures had to be built in order for them to become viable for mass communication.
  • Inventors, governments and capitalists all wondered how they could control them.
  • They are not used in the way they were originally intended.
  • Some people worried that they can stunt, corrupt or otherwise rot your brain.
  • They all use waves that are transmitted through wired objects.
  • They have all been used to capture history, tell stories, persuade, share art and generally entertain the masses in a way that future generations can later witness.
  • They all got too big for any one group to control.



About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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