kickstart my <3

Is kickstarter the future of creative commerce?  I sincerely hope so.  A supportive testing ground for projects, Kickstarter connects artists, makers, designers, doers and dreamers with potential funders all over the world.  It’s all or nothing so the project either meets its funding goal and receives the grant or it get’s nothing.  What a great way to A. test the viability of an idea and B. test a persons presentation skills!

For this weeks assignment I chose to feature Kim Boekbinder a.k.a. The Impossible Girl who wants to change the way musician get money for shows.  I think her idea is genius; instead of booking a show, hanging up posters and hoping people come to her show, she is instead pre-selling tickets on kickstarter.  Everyone who donates will at least a dollar will get to download the show (so it doesn’t matter where you are).  Those who donate $10 get a ticket to the show that will be somewhere in New York on June 21st (I think the EMC should go since we’ll be there for Games of Change).   The more one donates the more stuff you get in return i.e. tickets, posters, c.d.s, t-shirts etc.  In essence one is pre purchasing the concert experience.  This gives the musician the financial support they need to make a great show and maybe even eek out a living.

Her idea really works (some would even say  its STICKY), she’s made more money than she originally asked for.  And she has found a way to make new fans and connect with her audience via kickstarter. Pretty savvy if you ask me!


About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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