Is your project DICEE?

no no not DICEY…DICEE

Based on Chapter 4 of Guy Kawasaki’s book Enchantment
What makes a project worthwhile?  
Is it:
Deep – a deep cause has many features.  BCS’s entire online presence (website, blogs, and social media) will be reworked. Transforming a splash page into an interactive website explaining their mission, educational philosophies, and including family testimonials speaking to how affordable childcare makes a difference in their lives.
Intelligent –  an intelligent cause solves people’s problems in intelligent ways.  Having a well built web site would give the school an easy way to share their brand, message, and stories with potential funders.
Complete – A complete cause provides a great experience that includes service, support, and a string of enhancements.  A website that has more perminent information will be good because the school wont have an IT person on staff to add content regularly.  But they will have several blogs that they can use easily and face book and twitter which they are already pretty good at.
Empowering – An empowering cause enables you to do old things better and to do new things you couldn’t do at all.  BCS is an amazing school and also vocal supporters of affordable child care.  Having a web site and a social media arsenal will give them the tools they need to tell others about themselves and their cause.
Elegant – An elegant cause means someone cared about the user interface and experience.  It is my personal goal to stay aboard after this class is over and really help them develop an elegant website that is easy to navigate and ensure the blogs are up and running and maintained regularly.  I also want to make sure that their twitter and facebook presence is well connected and used often so they can really see the benefit of having these tools.

The BCS Project is certainly DICEE.  
By rebranding the school, giving them a fresh logo, and restructuring their online presence BCS will be able to use this as a tool to attract funders thus keeping their program affordable to more families.  Prospective families will be able to get a better impression of what kind of school BCS is and current families will be able to connect to the school blogs, facebook, and other social networking tools to find out what their kids are doing on the day to day.


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I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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