The Children are the Future


(photo by:  Sam Simon Imaging)

The Burlington Children’s’ Space (BCS) is a pretty unique place.  Relying largely on grants (which have been slowly disappearing during the recession), BCS provides quality childcare that is affordable and accessible.  More than just a daycare BCS is a diverse community of families, teachers and staff that all work together to raise up children at a critical point in their development.  I am lucky enough to be part of the BCS community as my son went to preschool there.   He is now thriving in Kindergarten due, largely, to BCS and it’s excellent programs. So I am delighted to give back to BCS and collaborate with them by helping to build a new website and utilize their social media platform so it works for them as both a marketing tool to for potential funders and way to further connect with the Burlington Community and educate others about the importance of affordable childcare.

I have been working closely with the director, Sarah Adam-Kolitz, to re-imagine the BCS website as a place to tell their story.   Currently the website is a simple splash page.  There is nothing particularly persuasive about it.  If I was a funder who was considering a grant proposal this site would do nothing for me.   We would like to create a site that really focuses on how critical affordable childcare is to families and showcase how BCS makes a difference in the community.   It should also be a site that perspective families could go to and for more information.  We are also working on a blog building strategy so they can upload more day to day information, what the kids are working on, when the next family diner is, volunteer opportunities etc.   And finally we want to connect the website and the blogs and the social marketing engines together so BCS is an active voice in the online community.

The first stage of this project has already begun.  We’ve started to design the look and feel of the website and begun to gather content.  For the next family dinner I will be conducting a “story core” video shoot to begin to gather family stories that can eventually be a video on the site.  I have a photographer taking some quality photos and the logo for BCS is being reworked.  Even though the end goal of this project is to just deliver the pitch I am dedicated to continue to work with BCS and see this project through to completion.  It’s the least I can do for a place that has done so much for me and my son.  If I didn’t have access to childcare I wouldn’t have been able to start my own business, go to grad school or get the support I needed as a single parent.  I’m really honored to be able to give back.


About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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