Hey what’s the big idea?

For the most part I’m an equal opportunity employer when it comes to ideas: the good, bad and the ugly all come floating through on the regular.  I don’t value the big idea over the small, or the practical over the fanciful.  Receiving inspiration from the people and places as I move through the day, I collect images and moments letting them filter through and inspire.

My ideas tend to come through action, especially when walking.  A good walk tends to both visually inspire me and give me time to think things through.  Or in the action of starting a project and getting to arrange and rearrange concepts until the repetition of themes evokes an over arching understanding of a concept or approach.  Ideas are generated through momentum.

Ideas are refined through conversations.  Before starting big projects I often have lots of conversations about ideas and the best way to go through them.  By sharing ideas with others we get to refine our ideas and receive feedback.  By listening to others ideas we get the opportunity to understand other people’s perspectives.


About rmhooper

I am a student in Champlain College's MFA in Emergent Media Program.
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